Resume Tips - Hobbies and Interests

Your interests and hobbies give an insight into your character and personality. This is how an employer can identify whether you will be a good fit for their organization and the existing team.

Be genuine and honest in listing your interests. Don’t try to design your interests or hobbies to suit an employer. You want to know that an employer has hired you because you truly are the best candidate for the job and the best fit for their organization at that time.

An IT Recruitment Manager acknowledges, “All good resumes have one thing in common: they make me want to meet the applicant in person.” She says that she pays avid attention to the list of hobbies and interests when considering how suitable an applicant would be for her company. Don’t neglect this area – you will probably be asked about this in interviews too.

If you are applying for a job that requires a great deal of teamwork, it would benefit you to list hobbies or interests that involve a group of people, such as being part of a rowing club, basketball or other team sports, volunteering for a cultural festival or being part of an amateur drama club.

If your job is primarily an autonomous role, where you spend the majority of your time working on solo projects, it may benefit you to focus on hobbies that reflect your ability to work peacefully and effectively alone, such as reading, writing fiction, studying astronomy, kayaking, abseiling or reviewing cinema for a local magazine.