Resume Tips - Key Strengths and Attributes

As with listing your skills, make sure you list your key strengths and attributes according to how relevant they are to the industry or role that you are targeting.

Think about what your primary responsibilities and achievements have been in previous roles when making a list of your strengths. This is not a time to be modest; be confident in stating your abilities.

Research the industry and job requirements of the positions or companies that you are interested in. What key attributes do they value? Use the same key words in listing your strengths and attributes. For example, a major supermarket chain has a list of Team Member Code of Conduct on their web site. They have listed values such as “Respect, Integrity and Passion for Excellence” as being core values. If you were applying for a role with this company, these are the key attributes you would want to list as your own strengths. A major retailer has also made their code of conduct available via their web site. Their key values include “Respect for the individual, Commitment and Accountability, Trust, Leadership and Teamwork”. If this company was your desired employer, these are the sort of strengths you would list as a priority.

Consider what past employers and friends most praise about you. Perhaps it is your loyalty or ability to lead a team. It never hurts to ask others for assistance or confirmation.

There is no need to list any more than ten key skills or attributes. Choose wisely and honestly.

You should be able to provide evidence of these strengths and attributes later in the resume building process with facts and examples.