Resume Tips - Achievements and Awards

List your achievements chronologically.

As with listing your professional achievements, remember that it is advisable to provide evidence to support your claims where possible.

Remember, also, that you don’t need trophies or medals to prove that your achievements are both valuable and pertinent to your strength as a candidate.

Employers can assess how suitable a fit you are for their company by viewing your interests and hobbies. They will also be looking through your personal achievements as a guide to how you might fit in with their existing staff and the workplace culture. It is recommended that you study their website and research your targeted employer or industry prior to listing achievements and interests so that you can keep these in mind when choosing what is relevant and in what order to list interests and achievements.

Notable personal achievements may include:

  • Training for and competing in the Example Triathlon series 2008 and 2009
  • Having my illustrations published in monthly local arts magazine, Create: April, June and December 2009 editions
  • Completed an internship with public relations company where I was responsible for assisting with the Fashion Week campaign digital promotions
  • Qualified as a yoga instructor and teach casual classes 2 evenings a week
  • Volunteered as a supervisor on school camp for a week

There is no need to list any more than 10 notable achievements and think carefully about what message these achievements give to potential employers. Consider the significance of the achievements to your target employer and industry and the image you want to present.