Registered Nurse Cover Letter
Katya Pivorava
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Mr David Albert
Human Resources Officer
Nimble Nurses
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01 May 2009
Dear Mr Albert,

Please accept my application for the position of Registered Nurse Division 1 with Nimble Nurses, as advertised in Health magazine May edition 2010. I am New South Wales registered.

Following my graduation from Newcastle University with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree in 2005, I have been employed by St Johns Hospital as a Registered Nurse Division 1. It has been a privilege to work with exceptionally talented and professional medical practitioners and nursing staff for the past 5 years, however I feel I am ready for a role in theatre, which offers new facilities and challenges in patient needs.

I joined the Emergency Department of St John’s with the ambition to give the highest quality of patient care and to provide the high-level support required by surgeons, doctors and my fellow nurses. Annual performance reports have consistently rated my dedication and ability as excellent. St John’s Hospital is a level one trauma centre with 39 ER beds, four trauma bays and over 75,000 ER visits per annum. The Emergency Department has prepared me for patients with high-level care requirements, high-pressure and time-critical situations. I remain focused on the procedures and the individual demands of patients in order to best support the attending physicians.

During my final year nursing rounds, I gained experience in oncology, paediatric and dialysis units. This experience gave me a thorough grounding in the process of admissions, assessment, treatment and education. As required of all students and staff, I demonstrated an excellent knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety protocol.

I have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to develop a confident and easy rapport with patients, families and fellow staff. I am also adept in accurate and efficient charting and maintenance of patient histories.

I know that I would be a valuable and reliable addition to Nimble Nurses and I invite you to contact me to discuss my suitability for this position.

Yours sincerely
Katya Pivorava