Bookstore Retail Assistant Cover Letter
Katya Pivorava
10 Sample Street
Sampletown Sampleton 0000
Tel: 000 0000 00000
Mobile/Cell: 0000 000 000
Mr David Albert
Brad’s Books
1 Example Avenue
Exampletown Example Suburb 0000
01 May 2009
Dear Mr Albert,

Please accept my application for the position of Retail Assistant with Brad’s Books, as advertised in The Sun News on April 29th 2010.

I have two years’ experience as a retail assistant with Argus Stationary and Books, during which I proved my outstanding customer service skills, knowledge of book titles, authors and genres, and knack for creating memorable and engaging merchandise displays.

I always strive to exceed customer expectations on the shop floor, whilst also maintaining the appearance of the store and ensuring that stock is correctly located and updated. Customers regularly praise the original visual displays I create in-store, including the recent “Johnny in the Apple Orchard” display where I decorated the Children’s Book area with plastic apples and cardboard apple trees. Our store sold out of copies within two hours’ of opening and lay-by orders are now above 100 copies. This was unique to our store.

In-house training gave me a thorough understanding of retail security, loss prevention, OHS and merchandising. I am well-trained and experienced in retail policies and procedures. I am also confident in my use of online publications databases and I will make every possible effort to find the book a customer desires, no matter how obscure.

I am also responsible for initiating the very popular e-newsletter in July 2009 that is distributed to over 800 customers on a monthly basis. I send out reviews, author and staff profiles and product updates along with our catalogue and this has proven a very effective loyalty scheme, with reviewed and featured products selling out on 6 occasions in the past 4 months. We have increased our repeat customers by 80% since initiating the e-newsletter.

I feel I can bring my creative energy and retail sales skills to the team at Brad’s Books, where my career development opportunities are much broader than in my current position. I am keen to pursue a supervisory role in the near future and I am confident that with your structured development program, I can develop my skills in this area.

I look forward to discussing my future at Brad’s Books with you.

Yours sincerely
Katya Pivorava