Interview Sample Script 4
E: Employer C: Candidate

E: Adam, what did you enjoy most about your last job?

adam's interview question C: At AAA Nursing Home, I loved working with the elderly in high care. There was a low staff to patient ratio, so I was able to spend a generous amount of time getting to know the residents. I was also able to spend time with the visiting doctors and health practitioners to really appreciate the rationale behind their choice of therapies and treatments. I established a good relationship with the visiting podiatrist at AAA and he has offered to be contacted in regards to my professionalism and work ethic. I am particularly interested in podiatry and I believe that at ZZZ Nursing Home, you have a full-time podiatrist. I feel I can offer a superior level of assistance and support in that area. I also appreciated the friendly work environment at AAA and remain close friends with both my supervisor and colleagues. I have their full support in furthering my career which made the decision to leave easier.