Interview Sample Script 1
E: Employer C: Candidate

E: Sandra, tell me about yourself…

sandra's interview question C: During my ten years of experience as a sales manager, I can demonstrate my ability to coach, train, and motivate sales teams into reaching ambitious goals. I know that I have the experience and drive to take your sales team to new heights and to develop and train our staff to be exceptional leaders in their field.


C: In my last role at The ABC Sales Corporation, I was tasked with turning around a sluggish territory that ranked last in sales in the Eastern region. Using carefully devised strategies and my skills in training and motivating a sales team, I developed an aggressive campaign that focused on attracting new accounts and nurturing the existing client base. The results were marvellous. Within six months the sales team I headed had increased sales by 65%, turning the region into one of our biggest earners.