Watch and Clock Maker/Repairer Jobs in Australia
Watch and Clock Maker/Repairers fabricate, clean, adjust, repair, and regulate watches, clocks, chronometers, electronic timepieces, and related instruments. A Watch and Clock Maker/Repairer requires the ability to locate and correct defects using systematic procedures and information from customers about the pieces history and previous repairs.

A Watch and Clock Maker/Repairer is responsible for carefully opening the case to examine the mechanism, check for defective parts and dirt and inspect the springs for rust and incorrect alignment to determine what action is necessary. When the work is complete, the timepiece must be reassembled so that parts fit exactly.

Watch and Clock Maker/Repairer jobs require a high degree of precision, the ability to perceive tiny details in objects, make fine visual discriminations, good manual dexterity, and steady hands. A Watch and Clock Maker/Repairer must have systematic and orderly work habits and the ability to make judgments using set standards.

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