Undertaker Jobs in Australia
An Undertaker is responsible for various tasks in arranging and directing funeral services. An Undertaker is required to coordinate transportation of the body to the mortuary for embalming, liaising with family or other authorised person to arrange details, procuring officials for religious rites, and arranging transportation for mourners.

An Undertaker is required to work beyond normal schedules, and may be on call 24 hours a day. It is a requirement of Undertaker jobs to have excellent communication skills, to be respectful of the sentiments of customers, listen and understand their requirements and be able to respect different cultures, sects and traditions.

Undertakers are required to be familiar with the funeral rites and customs of burial of various sects, religions and cultures. An Undertaker must have excellent knowledge in legal matters and must know the legal formalities to be followed, as well as the formal approvals required from the government authorities before conducting funeral ceremonies and necessary regulations to be followed to obtain a death certificate or to make insurance claims.

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