Tailor Jobs in Australia
A Tailor alters, repairs and creates clothing according to customers' needs. A Tailor usually requires formal training or extensive experience on the job acquiring the necessary skills under the guidance of someone qualified.

A Tailor is required to perform a range of custom clothing services including repairing, patching tears, hemming or adjusting the seams on a garment. A Tailor most importantly, alters the clothing to fit a customer's frame and stature. The customer will try the clothing on in front of the Tailor, who then takes measurements to see what alterations must be made.

A Tailor may also be required to create custom clothing by selecting a premade pattern or creating one to meet style requirements. A Tailor then measures the customer and selects the fabric for the garment to best suit the wearer. A Tailor cuts out the material accurately according to the pattern and measurements and the garment is pinned then sewn together.

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