Photographic Process Worker Jobs in Australia
A Photographic Process Worker is responsible for photographic processing, such as editing photographic negatives and prints, using photo-mechanical, chemical, or computerised methods.

Photographic Process Workers create prints and develop film, using photographic equipment and knowledge of photographic processing and techniques required for the desired outcome.

Photographic Process Worker jobs involve the following tasks:

  • developing different types of film using a photographic laboratory equipment
  • determining development process required dependent on film type
  • printing enlargements, contact prints and transparencies
  • copies photographic composites for client usage in journals, exhibits, displays and educational purposes
  • maintaining chemical levels for automatic processors and hand development systems
  • performing filter and time analysis while creating prints using different film and paper types
  • shooting slides from original prints
  • mounting and labelling slides
  • maintaining files of slides and negatives
  • ensures appropriate storage conditions are met
  • keeping accurate records of work performed

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