Musical Instrument Repairer Jobs in Australia
Musical Instrument Repairers are experts in musical instrument parts and components and may specialise in one or more areas, like string or percussion instruments. Musical Instrument Repairers may also specialise in one specific instrument, such as piano tuning and repair.

Musical Instrument Repairer jobs involve playing instruments to detect the problem and evaluate sound quality, disassembling instruments to adjust and repair parts, adjusting string tensions, tuning instruments, and the ability to use tools such as lathes, clamps, soldering irons, power tools and burnishing tools.

Musical Instrument Repairers require the ability to work on a variety of instruments, to maintain the pieces in tune and in proper condition. Musical Instrument Repairers that specialise in pianos, pipe organs and other large instruments may travel to the instrument’s location to work. Musical Instrument Repairers require skills in working with wood, metal, electronics, or other materials.

Musical Instrument Repairer perform extremely detailed and difficult work and may be required to work on some antique, rarer and valuable instruments.

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