Landscape Architect Jobs in Australia
A Landscape Architect plans, designs and manages open spaces in both natural and built environments. Their role is to ensure that their designs and alterations to the natural environment are compatible, appropriate and sustainable.

A Landscape Architect works on projects, both rural and urban, that may require designing the layout of parks, gardens and housing estates, through to central city landscape designs that account for roadway or mining construction.

A Landscape Architect collaborates with architects, planners, environmental consultants, surveyors and engineers to realise their projects.

Typical duties of a Landscape Architect include:

  • supervising the design of projects including urban regeneration, pedestrian structures, retail restructures or remote natural environments
  • conducting preliminary studies of proposed sites (including soil testing, drainage systems, natural fauna and flora)
  • conducting environmental impact assessments
  • surveying local residents, potential users and other stakeholders regarding proposed plans
  • complying with local and federal planning and building regulations
  • liaising with manufacturers and suppliers to negotiate provisions according to budgetary guidelines and sustainability concerns
  • administrative duties, including preparing client proposals, budget plans, preparing tax returns and approving payments to manufacturers and suppliers

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