Jeweller Jobs in Australia
A Jeweller makes and repairs jewellery articles, such as rings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, and lockets. Jewellers work with gold, silver, diamonds, shells, wood, plastic and other metals and gems, to produce both fine jewellery and costume jewellery and ornaments.

Jewellers may be artists who design jewellery drawing pictures to show how a piece of jewellery will look then either make the jewellery themselves or pass their designs on to another craftsperson. Jewellers who make jewellery use a wide variety of hand and machine tools including precision tools when working on intricate pieces.

Jewellers may specialise in fields such as Gemmologists, gem cutters, engravers, setting stones, or repairing and restyling old jewellery. Jeweller jobs require artistic ability, good hand-eye coordination, as well as dexterity skills, patience and attention to detail.

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