Canvas Goods Maker Jobs in Australia
Canvas Goods Maker makes and repairs canvas and related products such as sails, awnings, tents, tarpaulins, horse rugs and caravan annexes.

Canvas Goods Maker jobs include:

  • laying out drawings for products such as awnings, tents and tarpaulins
  • marking and cutting full size pattern outlines
  • sewing, gluing or riveting sections together
  • operating powered cutting shears and sewing machines
  • attaching grommets, fastenings, and fittings
  • securing ropes or cables to finished products
  • stitching or stencilling names or other designs on canvas products
  • making frames for awnings, tents and other articles
  • installing finished products
  • drawing designs for customers and preparing cost estimates and quotations
  • examines completed sails for conformance to specifications for use at sea
  • installs and adjusts completed sails on board ship

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