Showroom Sales Consultant Jobs in Australia
Showroom Sales Consultants are the face of their company, greeting clients and guiding them through the process of finding the right product and purchasing. They must be welcoming, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their product while also being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their major competitors.

Companies that exhibit their wares in showrooms span from traders in interior furnishings, kitchen and bathrooms to cars and cosmetics.

A Showroom Sales Consultants will:

  • present and detail company products and services to existing and potential clients
  • make follow-up contact with previous visitors to the showroom
  • maintain the display and clean, appealing presentation of products in the showroom
  • develop and maintain sales materials
  • research and stay up-to-date on product knowledge and industry trends
  • prepare and activate paperwork to process sales
  • prepare reports on sales activity and effectiveness of product display

To succeed in this highly competitive occupation, skills in persuasion, responsiveness and problem solving will be highly beneficial. Professional grooming and presentation will be expected of salespeople who are representing the best face of their company.

Showroom Sales Consultants may be expected to travel to different showroom locations. Consultants should be willing to work a flexible schedule.

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