Sales Manager Jobs in Australia
A Sales Manager is responsible for the development and performance of sales activities in the organisation. A Sales Manager directs the sales team and provides leadership to achieve sales targets and maximum profitability. A Sales Manager develops plans and strategies to increase the customers by working with the marketing team.

Sales Manager jobs include:

  • developing plans and sales strategy for the current economic market that ensures sales targets and profitability
  • preparing plans for individuals as well as the entire team for effective sales techniques
  • coordinating action plans to attract new markets and leads
  • assisting with the development and implementation of marketing plans
  • conducting review with departmental staff to build more effective communications, training and development activities, and the improvement of staff sales and performance
  • reporting to senior management regarding performance
  • maintaining accurate records of pricings, sales, and activity reports
  • creating and presenting presentations
  • controlling departmental expenses to meet budget requirements
  • recruiting, testing, and hiring departmental staff based on criteria set by senior management

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