Promotions Manager Jobs in Australia
A Promotions Manager creates and publicises marketing events designed to increase sales. Promotions Manager jobs include creating advertising campaigns, designing promotional materials and coordinating marketing events.

Promotions Managers are responsible for developing and implementing giveaways, contests, samples, coupons, discounts and reward programs. Promotions Manager may use various marketing methods to achieve their targets. These include direct mail, radio ads, social media, websites, television spots, newspaper circulars, internet ads and special events. The Promotions Manager is required to analyse the results of the marketing campaigns and report on its efficacy.

Promotions Manager jobs require a high level of creativity, problem-solving ability, strong analytical skills and excellent interpersonal skills. A Promotions Manager also must be able to work to deadlines, have skills in people management and organisational skills.

Promotions Managers may be working with the creative director, graphic designer and copy writer to coordinate the promotional marketing campaign. The Promotions Manager liaises with media outlets, distribution companies and event venue operators.

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