Marketing Assistant Jobs in Australia
Marketing Assistant jobs include:
  • liaising with clients in areas of sales and marketing
  • meeting set targets and deadlines
  • stocking, replenishing and cleaning office areas
  • assisting with the clients product selection
  • offering advice to customers
  • scheduling delivery dates and deadlines
  • maintain an archive of presentations, marketing materials and communications
  • arrange the production and distribution of various communications with outside businesses, such as printers and mail houses, to meet their deadline
  • assisting in market research
  • coordinate events to support the customers marketing program
  • assisting in financial responsibilities: estimating, billing, reporting and invoicing for marketing fees and expenses
  • assist in media scheduling, proofing and approval of creative content

Marketing Assistant jobs require a high level of client interaction. The assistant will need a combination of good negotiation skills and diplomacy.

A Marketing Assistant is responsible for obtaining approval for customer’s ads, for financial reimbursement, and ensuring the proper use of logos, slogans and branding guidelines are met.

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