Store Manager Jobs in Australia
The Store Manager of a retail store handles the everyday operations of the business including interviewing and hiring new staff, managing the store's inventory, managing staff levels and overseeing operations.

The Store Manager is responsible for the running of the store itself, its employees and its customers. Store Manager jobs involves interviewing job applicants, hiring and training new employees, motivating current employees, coordinating the schedules and also handling the store's payroll.

The Store Manager is responsible for organising the store itself, it is important that customers are able to easily navigate the space and find what they are looking for. The Store Manager decides on new displays, rearranging the store to improve traffic flow and methods to highlight sale items.

Store Mangers must possess excellent organisational skills, good communication skills, the ability to respond positively to customer feed back both positive and negative and be able to analyse sales trends, and develop plans to improve sales and profits.

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