Sales Jobs in Australia
Sales consultants promote and sell products or services to customers. They are the main contact of a retail business with its customers. Sales consultants build and maintain relationships with customers to create repeat patronage.

Sales Jobs require excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good product knowledge, an ability to identify the needs of the customer and a high level of integrity.

Sales consultant’s duties may include:

  • meeting or exceeding sales quotas
  • building and maintaining customer relationships
  • managing a sales area
  • marketing products and services
  • maintaining contact with potential and existing customers
  • building a customer base
  • providing service and attention to customers
  • keeping records of all interactions with customers
  • remain up to date on products
  • seek opportunities to learn about products and train in new sales techniques
  • develop unique sales techniques
  • provide explanations and demonstrations for customers
  • maintain demonstration products in their area
  • build trust by providing ethical and honest transactions with customers

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