Retail Salesperson Bookstore Jobs in Australia
Bookstore Retail Salespeople will be expected to have a good knowledge of authors and popular subjects and book titles. While they will not be expected to have read every book in the store, a working knowledge of literary genres and a good degree of literacy will be required.

Retail Salespeople in bookstores may have the following responsibilities

  • ensuring customers are aware of new releases
  • educating customers on different editions (updated versions)
  • advise students on appropriate and relevant textbooks for their particular studies
  • inform customers of new offers, loyalty schemes and discounts
  • monitor stock inventories, ordering new titles or checking for copies at other stores
  • stocking bookshelves or locating books for customers, possibly with the use of a ladder

The Salespeople may be involved in visual displays to enhance certain products or express a seasonal theme. Additionally, they must have cash-handling and good computer skills.

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