Loss Prevention Officers Jobs in Australia
Loss Prevention Officers work to prevent thefts by customers, vendors and employees in retail stores. Loss Prevention Officers patrol the store to observe customers and employees, or monitor their actions through a closed-circuit television system. Loss Prevention Officers may confront people causing damage or stealing the stores property and detain them, until local police assistance arrives. Loss Prevention Officers are also expected to handle disorderly people disrupting the store.

Loss Prevention Officer jobs also involve responding to fire or security alarms to investigate the cause, assist in a medical emergency, safety hazards or vehicle accidents on company property. Loss Prevention Officers report all incidents in writing and may be required to testify in a court of law regarding charges resulting from these incidents. Loss Prevention Officers may also investigate suspected theft by employees of the store.

Loss Prevention Officer jobs involve standing and walking for long periods of time so physical fitness is a requirement for the job. Loss Prevention Officer jobs also require licensing and training in security.

Loss Prevention Officer jobs require excellent communication skills, logic skills, and the ability to remain calm under stressful circumstances.

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