Fashion Retail Assistant Jobs in Australia
Retail Assistants in the Fashion environment will require a passion for clothing, style and accessories. A good knowledge of fit, style and sizing will assist the Fashion Retail Assistant to offer accurate advice on what will flatter and enhance the image of their customers.

A Fashion Retail Assistant does not require qualifications in fashion, but awareness of trends in colour, style and branding will enhance the level of value they can offer their customers. An enthusiastic and responsive approach to customer service enables them to establish beneficial customer relationships, adding value to their employer’s brand and reputation.

The Retail Assistant may offer visual merchandising suggestions, styling mannequins and designing shopfronts with the objective of drawing customers to the store. They may also be required to take stock inventories and process orders and lay-by items.

An aptitude for sales, cash handling and basic sums is advantageous in this role. Computer skills and the ability to check stock orders, arrivals and communicate via email with other stores and customers may also be expected.

As a representative of the fashion organisation, the Retail Assistant must take great care to present themselves impeccably and in line with the style and image of the store.

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