Assistant Manager Jobs in Australia
Assistant Manager Jobs involve reporting to the General Manager regarding store performance, staff issues and day to day operations of the store.

An Assistant Manager supervises department managers and employees in the store, including stockroom workers, cashiers, floor staff and maintenance staff. The Assistant Manager ensures that all employees properly serve customers that enter the store.

It is the Assistant Manager’s responsibility to interview and hire candidates for positions within the store. Assistant Manager Jobs involves ensuring that all legal paperwork for each employee is completed and processed by Human Resources.

The Assistant Manager oversees shift changes among cashiers and staff, reconciling of cash and sales receipts, stock takes of inventory, placing orders and the accuracy of all orders and transfers. It is the Assistant Managers job to oversee all of the stores merchandising and organising of in-store promotions.

The Assistant Manager is responsible for maintaining records of the store's daily sales and expenses, safe-keeping and transfer of funds, the safety of employees and customers and preventing the loss and theft in the store.

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