Area Manager Jobs in Australia
Area Managers oversee the management and overall profitability of a group of stores. They make decisions designed to generate sales and establish beneficial relationships with store managers, head office and major clients.

Area Managers undertake the following actions to generate profits:

  • implement marketing activities
  • prepare budgets, targets and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • investigate variances and resolve problems

Their responsibilities also include recruitment of staff, including induction, training and appraisals. They aim to take a consistent approach across all stores in their designated area and to ensure that no store is underperforming. They will also work closely with Purchasers or Buyers to make sure that each store has a comprehensive and relevant supply of stock.

An Area Manager will travel to the various stores they are responsible for and their ability to manage and communicate clearly and productively with Store Managers is essential. They will also be required to submit reports to Head Office regarding profits, staff productivity, security and sales trends. This is a demanding role, requiring experience in sales and management.

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