Property Valuer Jobs in Australia
A Property Valuer assesses the monitory value of land, property and other items such as commercial equipment and works of art.

A Property Valuer is able to provide advice on the administration and commercial use of land and property. A Property Valuer may be required to provide valuations for many different purposes, such as rating and taxing, finance, financial reporting, investment, insurance, rental, sale and purchase.

Property Valuer jobs require a significant amount of time writing reports and official documents for the client. A Property Valuer may be required to work directly with clients, banking and finance officers, insurance agencies and government departments.

A Property Valuer‘s jobs include:

  • examining items and property and selecting a method of valuation
  • calculate values by considering market demand, condition of items, future trends, location, size, zoning availability of services
  • submitting written assessments and reports of value
  • providing consultancy advice on valuation matters
  • giving evidence in legal proceedings and mediate on valuation matters
  • providing rental valuations

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