Property Manager Jobs in Australia
A Real Estate Property Manager is responsible for the management of a portfolio of potentially several to over 100 properties. This is a demanding and busy role, wherein the Property Manager will liaise with owners and tenants on many property-related matters, including buying, selling, leasing and maintenance.

Property Managers require certification and will often move from a role in real estate sales to take on this role with greater responsibility. They will have fantastic customer service and sales skills, and excellent knowledge of property values, maintenance suppliers, leasing policies and the rental and land and home buying markets.

Daily duties of a Property Manager include:

  • communicating with property owners on the selling or leasing of their property
  • generating new client leads
  • advertising properties for sale or lease in print and online
  • arranging maintenance and repairs for properties within the portfolio
  • liaising with tenants on maintenance requirements and rental payments
  • providing advice to potential sellers and leasers on the value of properties and the market trends relating to various locations
  • drawing up legal agreements between vendors and buyers
  • arranging insurance and financial services

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