Mining Technician Jobs in Australia
Mining Technicians provide technical support to mining engineers working in exploration and development, in production, and in preparation. Mining Technicians perform chemical and physical tests and observe mining operations to gather information on the operation and production of the mine. Mining Technicians assist in surveying and drafting and in developing solutions to engineering problems.

Mining Technicians may work with geologists and geophysicists to collect and identify samples of rock taken from mines and exploratory sites. Mining Technicians jobs include using equipment to record variations in the earth's magnetic fields and recording these variations on maps and charts. Scientists use these maps and charts to find new deposits of material.

Mining Technicians also assist chemists and metallurgists, with design and installation of ventilation systems that force fresh air into mine shafts. Mining Technicians take samples of air in the mine shafts and test these samples for evidence of poisonous gas.

Mining Technicians assist in training new miners ensuring that safety rules are strictly followed. Mining Technicians jobs require formal education in mining operations and technology.

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