Dump Truck Operator Jobs in Australia
Dump Truck Operators are responsible for driving and operating a truck equipped with a dump body to transport and dump materials, such as sand, gravel, crushed rock, coal, or bituminous paving.

A Dump Truck Operator is required to operate hand and foot controls to jerk a truck forward and backward to loosen and dump material in the body of the truck. Dump Truck Operators may also load the truck by hand or by mechanical loader.

Dump Truck Operator jobs require good coordination to operate the controls in the cab of their truck and good understanding of math and angles to properly position the truck to dump materials in measured quantities. Dump Truck Operators must posses excellent regular and peripheral vision to be aware of other trucks, heavy equipment and buildings around his target position.

Dump Truck Operators are required to follow a schedule for pickups and deliveries, verify the types of materials they are carrying as well as their weight and work in conjunction with other equipment operators and truck drivers and to keep their truck clean and in good working order.

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