Driller Jobs in Australia
Drillers are required to use various types of drills on different types of surfaces to delve into rocks or concrete as well as monitor drilling operations.

Drillers are responsible for the operation of different drills, including rotary, pneumatic and churn, regulating and controlling rotary speed, air pressure and downward pressure, according to the type of material being drilled.

Drillers remove samples of salt deposits and sub-surface water during the process of soil testing or mineral exploration. Drillers also help prepare sites for explosives in construction or mining and may be required to use explosives.

Drillers are require to be physically fit, able to work outdoors during the process of mineral exploration and soil testing and be able to work within mining operations below the surface.

Driller jobs require extensive on the job training lasting for up to a year and then work under supervision until deemed competent.

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