Solderer Jobs in Australia
A Solderer conducts the process in which two or more metal items are joined via melting and flowing a filler metal into the joint. In this process, heat is applied to the parts to be joined, bonding the materials permanently.

A Solderer may use hand tools, typically using a soldering iron, soldering gun, a torch or a hot-air pencil. The process involves:

  • cleaning the metal parts to be joined
  • fitting up the joint
  • heating the parts
  • applying flux and filler
  • removing heat and holding the assembled parts until the filler has solidified

Depending on the type of industry they are employed in, Solderer may undertake these tasks:

  • operate soldering machines
  • clean and maintain machines
  • read and record operational information on production reports
  • inspect soldered components or products to ensure compliance to the product specifications
  • monitor meters, gauges and machines to ensure soldering process meets product specifications
  • ensure that workplace safety standards are observed

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