Quality Control Jobs in Australia
A Quality Control manager has a precise eye for detail to determine faults in products and suggest ways to improve and maintain maximum quality control.

A Quality Control manager ensures that products and services of the employee are reliable and meet the company’s quality standard. A Quality Control manager takes samples of the products and studies them to find any defects. A Quality Control manager may recommend changes to the products to make them more useful and durable. A Quality Control manager monitors the products throughout the manufacturing process, performs product analysis, and organises for testing of the finished products.

Quality Control manager jobs require record keeping, documentation and report writing on the improvements and faults in the products and services. A Quality Control manager may suggest improvements to minimise waste products in production.

A Quality Control manager reports their recommendations to management and if adopted works with the production department to implement the changes. Quality Control manager jobs may also require managing a team of quality assurance employees including hiring and training quality assurance staff.

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