Process Worker Jobs in Australia
Process Workers work in a manufacturing, warehouse or service environment. Their work can be labour intensive, continuous and repetitive.

Process Worker jobs in a manufacturing environment can include assembling, loading and unloading machines, and soldering parts and pieces together. A Process Worker may be required to rotate into different jobs after several weeks to give them variety in their work environment.

Process Workers are required to work in a team environment and require good communication skills and interpersonal abilities. Process Workers need to be physically capable of standing on their feet for long periods of time, and have the ability to lift heavy items.

Process Workers may also work in a clean environment in pharmaceutical or medical fields. This area of manufacturing requires work in a ‘clean room’ in scrubs with specific hygiene procedures before entering the room.

Process Workers may require technical knowledge for the assembly of parts by wiring or soldering them together, including understanding of circuit boards or other electronic devices. Process Workers may be required to assemble engines or other parts for vehicles, boats or aircraft, this may involve driving or operating equipment used for the production process.

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