Management Jobs in Australia
The Management is responsible for ensuring the organisation reaches production goals within budget and within quality standards.

The Management is required to meet with Production Supervisors for reports on production progress and problems. The Management is required to direct staff and resources to meet production goals and overcome problems in the most efficient and cost effective way.

The Management develops work schedules and allocates overtime, allocates resources and determines which machines will run and resolves problems as they occur. The Management ensures that work schedules are kept to meet production demand.

Management develops new ways to improve the efficiency of production lines, implements training programs, authorises hiring and works with employees to resolve problems.

Management develops ways to improve efficiency and meet production goals as well as ensuring that quality control is met. Management is responsible for implementing quality programs within the organisation. Management will work with the purchasing department to improve the quality of raw materials.

Management jobs require formal education in business management or business administration, excellent communication skills, ability to manage and supervise staff and sound interpersonal skills.

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