Machinist Jobs in Australia
A Machinist is an expert in handling production of precision tools and equipment, using their skills and expertise.

There are three categories of Machinists working in the manufacturing sector:

  • production machinists
  • precision machinists
  • maintenance machinists

A Machinist must have an excellent knowledge of the properties of metals and using shaping machines, milling equipment, and grinders for manufacturing precision metal parts. A Machinist is responsible for the manufacture of nuts, bolts, vehicle pistons, and other precision parts. A Machinist requires formal training including learning to interpret specifications and computerised blueprints.

Machinist jobs require analytical and logical problem solving in order to choose the appropriate tools and equipment for operations, decide on a work schedule and pattern for cutting and working on metals. Machinist jobs also require excellent hand eye coordination for cutting and modifying the metals, monitoring the temperature of the metals while being used in the shaping machines, and moulding the metals according to technical specifications.

Machinist jobs require the use of specialist measuring equipment, computerised machines, manufacturing equipment which uses lasers and water jets for operations and work with raw metals.

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