Assembler Jobs in Australia
An Assembler performs manual labour on a production line and usually operates the production line machinery and may be required to perform minor repairs.

Assembler jobs include:

  • operation of the production line machinery and computer
  • performing equipment change-over
  • be responsible for quality control while on the assembly line
  • operating machinery within standard operating procedures
  • operation of additional machinery that is helpful for the use of other equipment

An Assembler does the actual assembly work by hand or with specified assembly equipment. At the end of the daily production cycle an Assembler maintains accurate logs and keeps records of daily production and raw materials used for that shift.

An Assembler is required to communicate with operators from other shifts, keep the work area clean and maintained during the shift and when the shift is over.

Assembler jobs require:

  • basic reading, writing and arithmetic
  • manual dexterity for operating machines and computers
  • physically fit and able to lift heavy objects and equipment

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