Solicitor Jobs in Australia
A commercial Solicitor provides legal advice to businesses. They provide advice to businesses that are establishing a new enterprise through to large and complex corporate entities that may require legal assistance with major transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. Solicitors also advise on specialist areas of law and may be required to represent their clients in business-related disputes.

Solicitors may specialist in particular areas of law, including:

  • property
  • insurance
  • labour
  • finance
  • intellectual property
  • family

Solicitors commonly work in teams on complex and demanding cases. They work in office environments, visit clients at their homes and businesses, and attend court as required.

Typical duties of a Solicitor include:

  • interviewing clients to assess their needs and the firm’s ability to assist
  • advising on the legal issues associated with a client’s situation
  • drafting documents and contracts
  • researching past legal cases and rulings to establish a strong case
  • representing clients in court
  • supervising junior members of the team
  • assessing legal documentation prior to client’s signing
  • reading journals and law reports to ensure they are up to date on developments in law

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