Risk & Compliance Lawyer Jobs in Australia
A Risk & Compliance Lawyer reinforces the legal and regulatory framework covering Capital Markets, Funds Management, Investment Banking, and Real Estate Investment, within a business.

The daily duties of a Risk & Compliance Lawyer include:

  • providing legal support to the business and presenting legal research
  • monitoring compliance with internal policy, external regulation and legislation
  • implementing and coordinating Risk Management policy across the business
  • assisting with compliance, supervision and investigation according to the laws regarding the Stock Exchange entity
  • liaising with regulatory bodies
  • compiling, confirming and presenting legal documentation

This occupation would most suit an experienced lawyer, with a background in investment banking or financial services, securities regulation, funds management and general legal and compliance expertise.

A Risk & Compliance Lawyer generally works in-house and has a thorough understanding of the role of the board and board committee within organisations. They will consider and rate the existing controls and protections in place to deal with risks and consequence and advise on their suitability and effectiveness. A Risk & Compliance Lawyer will develop a risk profile and develop a risk management plan, requiring strategies and processes for managing compliance and establishing the compliance reporting requirements according to government and private legislation.

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