Property Lawyer Jobs in Australia
A Property Lawyer assists their client in buying or selling a residential or commercial property. As part of their responsibilities, a Property Lawyer will:
  • explain the legal issues associated with the sale or purchase of a client’s property
  • explain the difference between buying or selling at public auction or private treaty
  • describe the costs involved, including stamp duty
  • provide details on the Contract for Sale
  • research and enquire on property costs, quality and legal status to ensure that buyers and sellers are thoroughly aware of the property details
  • organise settlement
  • draw up deeds, mortgages and leases
  • act as a trustee of property

Generally, buying or selling commercial property is more complex than residential property transactions. For example, commercial property may have title problems, concerns about hazardous materials or zoning issues. A Property Lawyer provides the guidance, high-level expertise and support that enables their clients to feel confident in their real estate transactions.

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