Personal Injury Lawyer Jobs in Australia
A Personal Injury Lawyer represents victims of physical or psychological harm in a court of law. A Personal Injury Lawyer may work on cases against a person, local body, state government, federal government or a company in order to gain compensation for the injured party.

A Personal Injury Lawyer works with clients affected by events such as vehicle collisions, physical injuries, damages brought about by defective products, equipments and faulty medicines, falling, slipping and getting injured at any public or private premises due to negligence.

A Personal Injury Lawyer file suits in court, conduct thorough research into any particular case and assess the viability of the case. A Personal Injury Lawyer negotiates a court settlement and if one is reached, prepares legal letters and letters of mutual agreement.

Personal Injury Lawyer jobs require excellent communication skills both verbal and written, an excellent knowledge of the Law, a willingness to work long hours and strong negotiation skills.

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