Insurance Advisor Jobs in Australia
An Insurance Advisor assists clients in choosing insurance policies that most suit their requirements. Insurance Advisors may work with businesses, families or individuals. Different clients have different needs according to their individual situations.

Independent Insurance Advisors represent several companies and seek the most appropriate property, life, health, disability or long term care insurance for their clients. Captive Insurance Advisors work on behalf of an insurance company to represent only their policies.

The majority of Insurance Advisors in Australia work for agencies and brokerages, while the remainder are employed by insurance carriers or are self-employed.

Insurance Advisors are required to be licensed to sell life, health and property insurance.

Typical duties of an Insurance Advisor may include:

  • providing quotations on various insurance types to individuals, families or business clients
  • researching various insurance providers and policies to provide the most appropriate advice and recommendations to clients
  • sending out or completing insurance documentation
  • negotiating policy details with insurers and underwriters
  • attending networking or skills seminars and events

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