Family Lawyer Jobs in Australia
A Family Lawyer practices in the domestic areas of the law, including adoption, divorce, custody and military law.

A Family Lawyer conducts civil lawsuits, drafts legal documents, including wills and trusts, advises clients on their rights within the law, collects evidence to develop legal offense or defence, interviews witnesses and files documents with the courts.

A Family Lawyer represents clients in court and in arbitrations or mediation, and interprets laws and rulings to best advise a client. A Family Lawyer must have excellent negotiation skills.

Family Lawyer jobs require a strong understanding of the laws governing this area of law, a willingness to work long hours and excellent communication skills both verbal and written. A Family Lawyer should possess exceptional interpersonal skills and be able to interact easily with people of all ages and demographics, be very organised and have the ability to work on various cases at one time.

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