Barrister Jobs in Australia
A Barrister appears in court or tribunal hearings and conducts negotiations on behalf of their clients. The Barrister's client is usually a solicitor, who deals with the Barrister on behalf of a company or person when their case needs specialist advocacy. A Barrister may also be required to consult with clients and witnesses or to undertake research on the case. Barristers commonly practise as a solicitor before becoming a Barrister.

A Barrister can specialise in the following areas of law:

  • criminal law
  • chancery law
  • commercial law
  • common law(including family and personal injury law)

Barrister jobs involve:

  • understanding and interpreting the law
  • managing legal cases
  • researching relevant points of law
  • advising solicitors and other professionals
  • preparing cases for court
  • holding client conferences
  • preparing legal arguments
  • presenting arguments in court
  • examining and cross-examining witnesses
  • advising on matters of law and evidence
  • drafting legal documents
  • negotiating settlements

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