Computer Technician Jobs in Australia
Computer Technicians install and maintain systems and networks for corporations, organisation and businesses.

A Computer Technician requires formal education or training to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge required. Computer Technicians must have knowledge in computers, networking, peripheral devices, software, hardware, data storage, internet and troubleshooting problems.

Computer Technician jobs may vary according to the area of expertise:

  • a network technician installs and maintains the network and is required to install and fix network connections and troubleshooting any ethernet problems
  • a help desk technicians answer incoming calls or inquiries related to the customer's computer problems and is required to diagnose the problem by talking the customer through troubleshooting processes
  • a technical support specialists diagnose and repair problems, usually involving software, onsite
  • a computer hardware technician installs, maintains and repairs computer hardware including systems, replacement parts, upgrades, printers, displays and other peripherals

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