Wine Maker Jobs in Australia
A Wine Maker produces either still or sparkling wine for retail or wholesale purposes. They select the grapes or other produce and finish the process by bottling the wine.

Most wine is grape-based, however it may also be made from other fruits or non-toxic plants.

Wine production can be divided into two major categories: still wine production, without carbonation, or sparkling wine production, with carbonation.

The science of wine and winemaking is known as oenology.

Wine Makers (or vintners) are generally employed by a winery or wine company. The key duties of a Wine Maker include:

  • Working alongside viticulturists to determine the best grapes for use
  • Monitoring the maturity of grapes and the harvest process
  • Crushing and pressing grapes
  • Monitoring the fermentation process
  • Filtering the wine to remove solids
  • Testing the quality of wine
  • Ensuring the hygienic and faultless storage of wine in casks or tanks for maturation
  • Supervising the bottling of wine and ensuring quality is maintained

There are an increasing number of Viticulture and Wine Making associations that exchange technical information and industry research and techniques.

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