Tour Guide Jobs in Australia
The role of a Tour Guide is to provide an exciting, informative and safe experience for a group of travellers. Knowledge of the location geographically and familiarity with interesting historic and cultural sites is essential to creating a memorable and successful experience.

Tour Guides must be excellent communicators, able to establish trust between themselves and their group. The role may also be physically demanding, depending on the location and the type of tour being conducted. For example, the tour may involve adventure sports, abseiling, bungee jumping or white-water rafting.

Tour Guides commonly require a driver’s licence, possibly with experience in driving a bus or 4WD vehicle. They also may require a Senior First Aid Certificate. Many countries require Tour Guides to be registered with a governing association.

There are great international prospects for Tour Guides and they may work across a diverse range of workplace environments, including:

  • museums
  • desert environments
  • underwater
  • in mountain ranges
  • in art galleries or historical city sites
  • on horseback or by bicycle

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