Housekeeping/Cleaning Jobs in Australia
Housekeepers and Cleaners ensure the establishment is clean, neat and sanitary for guests. Housekeepers and Cleaners jobs include cleaning guest rooms, lobbies, elevators, hallways, restaurants, pool area, hotel gym, salon and conference rooms.

Housekeepers and Cleaners are responsible for:

  • making guests' beds
  • changing the linens
  • vacuuming and shampooing carpets, drapes and furniture
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • windows, ceilings, floors and walls
  • emptying wastebaskets and ashtrays

Housekeepers and Cleaners are also required to restock items within the guest’s rooms, including paper, pens, napkins, glasses, crockery, cutlery, soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, towels and blankets. When applicable Housekeepers and Cleaners refill in room refrigerators with drinks and snacks, keeping an inventory of the food and drinks the guests have used.

Housekeepers and Cleaners may be assigned to duties such as setting up rooms for functions and meetings, arranging decorations, furniture and equipment. In some establishments they may be required to attend to a guest's pet ensure they are properly fed, walked and groomed.

Housekeepers and Cleaners are expected to conduct an inspection of the rooms following the guest’s checkout to ensure there is no damage or theft to the room and that all appliances are in working order.

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