Green Grocer Jobs in Australia
The role of a Green Grocer has been somewhat diminished by the proliferation of major supermarkets, however with increased concern for environmental sustainability and local produce, they still hold an important role in the community.

Green Grocers typically run their own small businesses. They may also run stalls in street markets or shopping centres, or manage produce departments within supermarkets. Typically, the Green Grocer will handle the buying and selling of produce and book-keeping and administrative duties.

Green Grocers will require knowledge in:

  • liaising with produce suppliers and delivery professionals
  • seasonal produce (what fruit and vegetables are locally available)
  • local suppliers of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and other fresh produce
  • food storage, handling and safety issues
  • catering to customer demands

Green Grocers can also be found in street markets and malls, or managing produce departments at supermarkets. Such traders typically handle the entire business of buying, selling, and book-keeping themselves. They will require management and recruitment skills in order to hire and supervise staff.

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