Caterer Jobs in Australia
A Caterer may work on-site or in an independent kitchen environment to prepare food for events or retail sale.

Caterers must be experienced and knowledgeable on food preparation, display, storage, and safety and health procedures associated with food production. Additionally, they must be able to work within defined budgets, requiring an ability to calculate cost-per-head meals. Their ability to supply high-quality food products via cost-effective means will depend on their established relationships with suppliers of bulk ingredients, knowledge of local and specialised produce, and access to tried and trusted recipes.

Caterers generally require a health certificate and business licence to operate. The requirements will vary across location and region.

An Caterers must be considerate of:

  • special menu considerations dependant on dietary or religious needs (for example, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan or food allergy requests)
  • rental requirements, including tables, chairs, cutlery, glassware, seasonings, chinaware, fridges or ovens
  • labour required, including a Chef, Sous Chef, Kitchen Assistant, Wait Staff and Bartenders

Caterers may also work on film sets or be contracted to operate school canteens or sporting club cafes and restaurants.

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